Vredenburg Lab

Principal Investigator


Dr. Vance T. Vredenburg

Professor, Department of Biology, San Francisco State University
Research Associate, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Fellow and Research Associate, California Academy of Sciences

Vance Vredenburg is a Professor in the Department of Biology at San Francisco State University, Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, and Research Associate at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at University of California Berkeley. He grew up in Mexico, received his bachelor's degree from UC Santa Barbara, and his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. His Ph.D. research was the first to show it is possible to reverse the decline of a threatened frog in the wild. His approach has been implemented in montane areas globally. His current research focuses on the world’s Sixth Mass Extinction, specifically on the impacts of an emerging infectious disease (chytridiomycosis) on amphibians and the role of the amphibian skin microbiome in health and disease.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) available as PDF: 2-page CV or full CV
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9682-1190


Graduate Students

Adrienne Le.JPG.jpg

Adrienne le

Adrienne is originally from Orange County and received her undergraduate degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University volunteering in the Vredenburg lab for about a year. Her thesis focuses on a retrospective analysis on Bd emergence in the long-toed salamander in California. Her overall career goals is to study Disease Ecology, Animal Behavior in response to sexual selection, and impacts of disease on certain populations and their behavior. 


Alan chan

Alan received his undergraduate degree in Ecology from University of San Francisco. His M.S. thesis focuses on the role of the skin microbiome as a mechanism of resistance against fungal pathogens in amphibians. He hopes to use this information to aid in conservation efforts of North American amphibians.


Alessandra Moyer

Alessandra Moyer studies the effect of the marine subsidy on California island salamanders. Previously, she worked on marine trophic webs at Point Blue Conservation Science in Petaluma, CA. She received her BA in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley in 2015. Her honors thesis focused on the growth rate of post-fire fungi.


Gordon lau

Gordon received his undergraduate degree in Molecular Environmental Biology from UC Berkeley. He is a member of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology over at Cal, and has worked on AmphibiaWeb and GIS-related tasks for a few years now. He plans to use his databasing/GIS skills to investigate if life history traits, IUCN threat status, and range size of salamanders in Bd-epidemic regions may be related to their susceptibility to Bd infection.


Hasan Sulaeman

Hasan graduated from San Francisco State in 2016 with a B.S. in Zoology and an A.A. in Philosophy. He hopes to graduate with his M.S. in Spring 2019 and pursue a PhD program with a concentration in herpetology. Hasan’s masters thesis adopts an integrative approach to assessing Bd dynamic on the island of Java, Indonesia

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helen butler

Helen Butler is interested in studying the dynamics of amphibian disease in human altered landscapes of mountain ecosystems.  Her undergraduate research endeavors include involvement in a study at San Francisco State that estimates transmission dynamics of disease in relation to behavior in California salamanders.  Also, she assisted on a study that analyzed the aggressiveness of urban and rural song sparrows in Virginia. Helen graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Virginia Tech in 2015.


kurt lutz

Kurt was an undergraduate at SF State University. He is interested in studying amphibian conservation and is currently focused on studying the effects of dams on amphibian populations. In particular, he is studying how dam construction can lead to invasion of non-native species (of amphibians and amphibiian predators) and to isolation of remaining populations of native amphibians. 


Rachel townsend

Rachel received her undergraduate degrees in Environmental Science and Spanish from the University of Iowa. She currently works as a biologist with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and studies both aquatic and wildlife species. She is co-advised by Tom Parker and for her masters thesis she utilizes wildlife cameras to research trophic level interactions and community structure among mammalian communities in parklands of the Bay Area. 


Undergraduate Students


Alma barrios

Alma is a Biology major with a concentration in Zoology. She is an SF BUILD scholar and is interested in conducting research in the ecology of emerging infectious disease in amphibians. Her long-term goal is to pursue a PhD and conduct meaningful research in conservation biology. 


Former Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Alessandro Catenazzi
Dr. Rudolf von May
Dr. Ari E. Martinez


Former Graduate Students

Carla SetteSofia Prado-Irwin, Alicia Bird, Jon YoungTina ChengCeleste Dodge, Andreana Lizethe Manzano, Silas Ellison, Cory Singer, Angel Jacobo Conde, Angel Jacobo Conde, Sam McNally, Stephanie Hyland, Gabriela Rios-Sotelo, Danqing (Stella) Shao, Meghan Bishop, Natalie Reeder, Kendra Ritchie, Shruti ChaukularJordan Greer, Eliseo Parra, and Heidi Rockney 


Former Visiting Research Scholars

Vicky Flechas  
Verena Stricker
Dr. Jose Javier Cuervo


Former Undergraduate students

2017-2018: Monica Chee, Alma Barrios, Rene Gonzalez, Tai-Wei Chen, Stephanie Seng

2016-2017: Sarah Contreras, Sofia Kakaizada, Kelly Hyde,  Michael Gibson, Stephanie Huynh, Nathaniel Estrada, Hasan Sulaeman, Monica Chee, Alma Barrios, Rene Gonzalez, Tai-Wei Chen, David Barratt

2015-2016: Jodie Esaki, Stephenie Huynh, Amanda Huynh, Joelle Dugay, Kelly Hyde, Hasan Sulaeman, Nathaniel Estrada, etc.

2014-2015: Helen Butler, Kirsten Inuman Liaz , Laurence Cyril Henson, Jodie Esaki, Jessica Feist, Zarina Sheikh, Dana Alazzeh, Samantha Lee, Wesley Sparagon, Karen Evans, Molli Bauke, Niquo Ceberio, Stephenie Huynh

2013-2014: Shruti Ajay, Bo Heinz, Linette Rasmussen, Jason Helvey, Mark Russell, Nina Hang, Laurence Cyril Henson, Kirsten Inuman Liaz, Niquo Ceberio, Corinna Inmann, Ivet Lolham, Mackenzie Beaschler, Margarita Montenegro, Michelle Davila

2012-2013: Lauren Gillespie, Lilia Torres, Cory Singer, Dominique Sevi, Mark Russell, Lauren Price, Christy Fox, Erica Ely, Nicole Solano, Mackenzie Beaschler, Robert Tom, Jason Anders, Kevin Gundred, Gina Geiselman, Alex Harencar, Laurence Cyril Henson, Lisa Gunter, Nina Hang, Amanda Carbajal, Bo Heinz, Corinna Inmann, Hanh Kim Pham, Hannah Louise Durbin, Ivet Lolham, Jina Kim, Jourdan McPhetridge, Karl Alicando, Pearl Pui Yi Tam, Shruti Ajay

2011-2012: Cory Singer, Matthew West, Mark Russell, Christy Fox, Lauren Gillespie, Rachel Perez, Rebecca Belloso, Marina De Leon, Lilia Torres

2010-2011: Cory Singer, Matthew West, Brennan Helwig, Eric Ng, Nadia Yuen, Farishta Safi, Wendi Solis, Noel Graham, Betsabel Chicana Romero

2009-2010: Christine Rogers, Melo-Jean Encinas, Kacy Hayes, Iulia Samachisa, Lilia Torres, Celeste Dodge, Cory Singer